Monopaulize Challenge – Day 5

Monopaulize Challenge: Day 5

Monopaulize Challenge - Day Five

Here goes…Day 5!

What Time Did I Get Up

I got up at 9:00 am this morning. Second time in two days now. It’s Sunday, which means it’s a work day tomorrow…boo! Time to get things done!

What Did I Accomplish Today

Yesterday, I didn’t achieve ANY of the goals I had set out for myself the day before. As such, I put away one of these goals at the back burner for the time being. This goal which I’ll get back to later is:

Come up with a list of ideas for the second niche site and see how competitive these are.

As I mentioned in my last post, I’m putting this as second priority for now as it’d be better to not spread myself to thin, but rather, just focus on my first niche site for now. So the two goals I had set for today were:

1) Educate myself about how to select good secondary kWs. 

2) Do a cross check based on what I’ve learnt in item #1 with the list that I completed today.

Well, good news is that I completed what I started yesterday and can comfortably say that I can cross both these goals off my list. And guess what? I also managed to find the time and motivation to produce an article for this niche site. How awesome!

Resources Committed

I spent a total of about 3 hours in the morning / early afternoon on goals #1 and #2. I pretty much did the same thing that I did yesterday. I also picked out about 10 secondary kWs that I can write articles on. Some of these kWs are pretty low in search volume and some were pretty competitive. However, at this point, I’m really looking to just get started because if I don’t, I’ll end up researching forever. No more paralysis by analysis!

I spent about 2.5 hours in the evening writing and researching an article for the site.

What I Learned

Some of the secondary kWs I picked out were very closely related…..meaning I can only get 1 article out of that. An example of this would be keyword phrases “how to cure eczema” and “what are the cures for eczema.” As such, I’d probably need to find more relevant kWs at a later time. For now, I should have enough topics to write about for 15 or so articles (excluding the main kick-ass 4,000 word homepage article). The general niche I’m in is pretty large, but also pretty competitive; so picking out secondary kWs is quite challenging.

What Was Challenging

I think one of the main challenges I will be constantly facing is researching and writing about a topic that I’m not knowledgeable about. And because I spend a ton of time doing these two tasks to create my own content, I’m starting to wonder if I should actually just spend some money and time to outsource and train a freelance writer. The original plan was for me to ONLY write the main article and then have someone write the other secondary articles. However, because I’m looking to launch 3 sites and because I’m generally paranoid about spending money on a task that I can do myself, I am currently writing all my content…which again, is taking a lot of time. I’m going to tough it out for at least the first 15 articles for the first niche site and see how it goes from there.

Goals for Tomorrow

I actually have some goals set out for the week of July 6th to July 13th. And these are:

1) Write 15 secondary articles based on the kW research. Each of these articles should be at least 700 words each.

2) Come up with a list of ideas for the second niche site and see how competitive these are (on the back burner)

This would average out to be about 2 articles per day. As for doing kW research and coming up with a list of ideas for the second niche site, I think that’ll be something I can do whenever I get tired of writing. I think this goal is certainly attainable, but at the same time, can be challenging since I’m a fairly slow content creator.

Are you excited about what will happen at the end of July 2015? I certainly am!

All for now,




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