Monopaulize Challenge – Day 35

Monopaulize Challenge: Day 35

Monopaulize Challenge - Day 35

I am proud to say that after 35 days of hard work, I finally have two high quality sites out there! Today, my goal was to finish everything for site #2 and launch the site. More specifically, I had to:


1) Proofread, highlight, and put up the main homepage article

2) Find some high quality photos to be included in the homepage

3) Install ESSENTIAL plugins

4) Proofread and post the remaining 3 articles

5) Launch the site!

Took me a good amount of time, ~5 hours to do all the tasks above. I think proofreading my own articles took the most time out of the 5 tasks above. Hopefully now that I’ve twice gone through the process of building a site from scratch in the last 35 days, I’ll be able to do it quicker the next time around. In fact, I will be looking to start researching a niche for the third site…after all the original Monopaulize Challenge was for me to launch 3 fully functional sites!

Overall, this challenge has made me learn a ton, not only in terms of setting up websites, SEO, and other technical aspects, but it has also taught me a few important lessons.

I’m super tired now as you can imagine, but I’ll continue to work on the two sites as well as a third site in the coming weeks. For me, the work has really just started!

Also, be sure to look out for a “wrap up” post for this challenge. More specifically, I’ll be going into details what I accomplished, lessons learnt and what I plan to do next.

Thank you for following along in my journey and I certainly hope you learnt something! If there’s a particular aspect of this challenge you’d like to find out more about, feel free to drop me a comment or get in touch with me via Twitter! I respond to every comment and email I receive from my readers.

Till the next post, I’m signing off,




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