Monopaulize Challenge – Day 33

Monopaulize Challenge: Day 33

Monopaulize Challenge - Day 33

In my last update, I mentioned that I spent 9 hours working on setting up my first niche site. Among things that I did include putting up content, proofreading content, installing and setting up plugins as well as tryout a Pinterest widget.

As a result, I felt pretty burnt out today. I did manage to get some work done to move towards my goals, but nothing substantial. I spent about 2 hours today working on improving the SEO performance of my first niche site. Yup, on the first, not second niche site. More specifically, I improved the internal linking structure for my niche site which is essential for link juice flow throughout the site.

I did spend some time thinking about a suitable domain name for my second niche site and after countless attempts to come up with a “perfect name,” I finally took the leap of a faith and bought a domain name. I changed the nameservers for the domain and I should be able to start working on it tomorrow.

My plan for tomorrow is to time myself, breakdown tasks, and see what I can achieve. I’ll aim to launch site #2, however, I know it’ll be a challenge given the time it took me to launch site #1.

When I finally launch site #2, I’ll consider this challenge completed (albeit, a little late). Better late than never I guess! I plan to write a summary post to share what I’ve learnt as well as how I plan to perform tasks more efficiently moving forward.

Stay tuned for my next update(s)!




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