Monopaulize Challenge – Day 31

Monopaulize Challenge: Day 31

Monopaulize Challenge Day 31

The last day of July is here! Read on to see how I did!

Last night I decided that I have to work on two VERY important things, one of which has been overlooked. Here were the goals for today:

1) Learn about how to work the WordPress theme I will be using

2) Start putting content up on the first site and when completed, work through the second site.

Just to recap, on July 1st, I had set out to challenge myself and launch 3 niche sites. By the middle of the month, I had figured out that I probably would only be able to finish 2 sites due to my lack of time and the amount of work involved when you’re doing everything by yourself.

Fast forward 30 days later….how did I do?

I spent a good chunk of my morning setting up my selected WordPress theme on a domain name that I wasn’t planning on renewing. This particular domain was a website I started about a year ago, but I never followed through with it. Putting this soon to be gone website to good use, I ended up installing the theme on this site, which helped me figure out 85% of how to work the theme. I certainly couldn’t have done this without some help that I got from the person who developed the theme!

I decided to take off work at 4 pm, and had only ONE GOAL in mind: Launch my two sites!

I worked through the night, taking only a 1 hour break for dinner. By the time it was 11:30 pm, I was only about 50% done with my first niche site. Again, a big lesson for me in that putting up content on a site is not merely as simple as copying and pasting stuff that I wrote into WordPress. At that point, I knew that launching two sites by the end of July was not possible.

I remained positive, called it a night and plan to finish up both sites as soon as possible, regardless of how much additional time it would take me. I wanted to stay up all night to finish up the goal, but I was just extremely exhausted and wasn’t thinking straight at that point. Note that I probably spent about 8 – 10 hours working on my first niche site today.

Am I disappointed? A little bit, but a part of my, not quite. I wanted to put out high quality sites and if it requires more time, then so be it. The key point here is that in the future, I need to schedule more time for things such as picking a domain name, learning about a new WordPress theme and putting content up on a site. All of these are extremely time consuming (at least to me)!





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