Monopaulize Challenge – Day 30

Monopaulize Challenge: Day 30

Monopaulize Challenge Day 30

Last night I decided that I have to work on two VERY important things, one of which has been overlooked. Here were the goals for today:

1) Figure out how and where to host the websites

2) Decide and register a domain name for at least one of the sites

If you’re wondering why #1 is even a goal, continue reading on. I have a few sites right now on a Bluehost plan that I have had for just over a year now. My main concern is that I do not want to overload the servers which serve these sites. I’m also not exactly sure how to transfer a site from one web host to another, so I had to dig deeper to find out which plans were within my budget and to figure out a strategy on hosting. I spent some time to chat with Bluehost and HostNine, and got a great deal of information from the support chat! I ended up figuring out what I needed to know and unfortunately for me, I’ll eventually need more than a single web host which will cost more money. It’s not a whole lot of money but since I’m pretty much running a bootstrapped side business here, every little counts!

I also decided on a domain name for my first niche site. It sounds good and is not an exact match domain name, which I believe makes it more brandable. I ended up registering the domain under GoDaddy and spent some time changing the nameservers for the domain as well as installing WordPress.

After all this was done, it was past midnight, and I was ready for me.

So what am I aiming to do for tomorrow? Here are the goals I will be setting for tomorrow:

1) Learn about how to work the WordPress theme I will be using

2) Start putting content up on the first site and when completed, work through the second site.

I still need to find a domain name for my second site and hopefully that’ll get resolved soon. I am starting to have the feeling that I’m slowing down (mentally and physically) due to all the late nights I’ve put up with throughout this month. I believe it’ll all be worth it in the near future!

Tomorrow is officially the last day of the Monopaulize Challenge. Let’s see how I’ll do.




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