Monopaulize Challenge – Day 29

Monopaulize Challenge: Day 29

Monopaulize Challenge Day 29

Hi folks! So yesterday I had set two goals:

1) Group potential kWs for both sites into different silos

2) Think of different domain names I could be using for both sites

I never realized how much work it would take for me to perform these two tasks. Grouping potential kWs was challenging in the sense that I try to target main keywords and put them as pages. For example, if I was targeting the term “best memory cards,” I would have that as a page and as a menu on my website. Under this, a sub-menu would be memory cards based on brands for example. Since my initial kW research only took into account the primary kW and a few secondary kWs, I did go back to kW research for each site and try to group them on a high level basis. I ended up taking a piece of paper and drawing out the structure of my sites.

After I had done this, I started thinking of domain names….more specifically, brandable domain names. I didn’t want to name my website “” or anything of that sort because well, my long term goal is to have these sites rank for the general niche, and not just the primary kWs. Thinking of a brandable domain name is challenging. I DID NOT end up with any domain names today, but I certainly had ideas; some of which I liked, while the others were discarded.

I had always thought picking a domain name would be a piece of cake; however I guess I know better now to allocate more time to pick out a name. In addition to these two goals, I also spent some time reading more about how to organize content on a blog. Now I have 2 ideas of how to structure my sites, with the only main difference is where the main kW article would be.

Well all for now. Tomorrow I’ll need to spend time to figure out how and where to host these sites and hopefully be able to pick out a name for 1 site.





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