Monopaulize Challenge – Day 26

Monopaulize Challenge: Day 26

Monopaulize Challenge - Day 26


My progress has been great and what I managed to accomplish was the same as yesterday; 3 articles written. I guess deadlines really do work! Other than that, nothing really noteworthy except for the fact that I’m getting a little nervous given that the end of the month is really close.

Just a quick recap here; I had initially set out a challenge for myself to launch 3 sites in the 31 days of July and to log all my progress and challenges on this blog. I will only be launching 2 sites this month; 3 sites was kind of pushing it for me given I’m currently not outsourcing AND I’m working a full-time job. At least I now know what I can achieve and how much time I have. Aside from that, I have done fairly well on logging my progress on this blog; though some of the updates are somewhat delayed.

Let’s wait till the end of the month and see how I feel about what I’ve¬†accomplished/will be accomplishing.



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