Monopaulize Challenge – Day 24

Monopaulize Challenge: Day 24

Monopaulize Challenge - Day 24

After the amount of hours I ended up working to complete “last minute assignments” at work, I decided to not show up at work and work from home for half the day instead.

What Time Did I Get Up

Got up at about 8 am today with my mind filled with the amount of work that was piled onto me yesterday in the late afternoon.

What Did I Accomplish

I had devoted the last two days to complete writing an article for my homepage. For today, and the next remaining 4 days, I wanted to write 10 secondary articles for this site. This would average out to be 2 articles per day.

I made sure I completed 2 articles today to keep me on track. I ended up writing two 700-word+ article for this second site.

I also ended up listening to two podcast episodes which gave me some inspiration.

Resources Committed

I spent about 4 hours researching and writing those 2 articles and another 1.5 hours to listen to podcasts.

What I Learned

I eliminated any possible distractions while working on these 3 articles and learnt that I am way more productive when I do so. I will try to keep it that way – no emails, texts, facebook, or even music while working on these projects.

What Was Challenging

I felt fatigued from overworking last night and it definitely affected my work output today. It was challenging having to stick to the goals when all I wanted to do was sleep in.

Goals for Tomorrow

The goals for the next 4 days will be:

1) Research and write a total of 8 articles for this second niche site.

Seems straightforward? Let’s see how I do on this.

Till the next update.




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