Monopaulize Challenge – Day 21

Monopaulize Challenge: Day 21

Monopaulize Challenge - Day 21

Good news! The second niche site is on the way…….I finally picked the kW I’m to target for my second niche site.

What Time Did I Get Up

Got up the usual 6:45 am routine for work.

What Did I Accomplish

I had set out to complete the following task yesterday:

1) Pick out a niche that fits the criteria I set

This item has been on my “goals” list for two days in a row and it is something I’m glad I finally completed. It took a little bit of self-convincing and I ended up picking a kW for my second niche site.

In addition, I also ended up doing a lot of reading on the niche and got a good idea on the products that I will be promoting on this site.

Resources Committed

I spent 2 hours finalizing my pick on the kW and another 2 hours reading about the niche in general.

What I Learned

Often times, making decisions can be a very difficult process for me. I usually end up experiencing paralysis by analysis. Selecting a kW for this second niche site was huge and it took me awhile to finally make a decision. I think my main issue is that there  is no blueprint to a winning keyword and sometimes you just have to try out what feels right. After all, if there was a blueprint, everyone would be doing it.

I learnt today that making a decision will not kill me. In fact, I’ll feel much better after making a decision because I know I will be moving forward rather than being STAGNANT.

What Was Challenging

Taking the leap of faith on this kW was challenging as described above. It was also somewhat challenging to read and learn about a completely new topic. However, I realize that throwing myself in a new topic was a fun learning experience.

Goals for Tomorrow

There’s exactly 10 days left before July comes to an end. I’ve decided to spend a week focusing on the second site, and the remaining 3 days setting up and putting my work on 2 websites.

The goals that I have for the next two days are:

1) Write an EPIC 3,000 word article on the keyword I’m targeting.

Note that my updates for the next week will probably be shorter to allow me to spend more time on site #2.



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