Monopaulize Challenge – Day 20

Monopaulize Challenge: Day 20

Monopaulize Challenge - Day 20

It’s Monday and I only have 10 days left to complete this challenge (and before the next begins). Two thirds of the way in; let’s see how I did today.

What Time Did I Get Up

Got up the usual 6:45 am routine for work.

What Did I Accomplish

I had set out to complete the following task yesterday:

1) Pick out a niche that fits the criteria I set

Well, I did not pick out/finalize a niche to work on for my second site…..I have about 44 potential keywords to choose from and basically narrowed it down to 2.

Resources Committed

I spent about 3 hours today looking at new seed keywords and also going through each of the 44 list of potential keywords I have. I looked particularly at how competitive each keyword is; I really wanted something that could rank fairly easily. Through this process, I ended up with two keywords with very little competition; the only downside is that the search volumes for these aren’t all that impressive.

What I Learned

I HAVE NOT mastered keyword research. I have brought this up many times and I’ll bring it up again here. I really need to find a way to streamline the kW research process as it is taking a great portion of my time. I realize that this is an important step in creating a profitable site, but one problem I face is that I end up with too many options to choose from. I guess I’m still learning the process of how to best pick a kW to base a site off of.

What Was Challenging

Making a final pick on a kW for my second niche site! So many keywords, so much confusion!

Goals for Tomorrow

The goals that I have for tomorrow include:

1) Pick out a niche that fits the criteria I set and

2) Start researching/writing about the niche

On a side note, I probably will only be finishing 2 of the 3 sites I had challenged myself to launch by the end of July 2015. Doing everything by myself meant putting in tons of time and effort into kW research and in writing these articles. More on what my plans are in the near future are to follow in upcoming posts.




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