Monopaulize Challenge – Days 18 and 19

Monopaulize Challenge: Days 18 and 19

Monopaulize Challenge - Days 18 and 19

Here’s my weekend update! I didn’t get much done as expected but wanted to keep myself on track nonetheless.

What Time Did I Get Up

It’s the weekend, which means it’s time to get up later than the usual.

What Did I Accomplish

I had set out to complete the following tasks:

1) Do market and kW research on specific topics I can cover for the second niche site. Things I should keep in mind include:

i) making sure there’s a variation in type of product compared to site 1,

ii) keeping an eye out for potential profit,

iii) how the top 10 sites for that kW is performing and if I believe my content will outrank these and

iv) a slight variation in the layout/structure of the website.

I have been doing kW research for the last couple of days, digging through the vast amounts of keywords! I certainly found a few low competition keywords which I think I’ll be able to make a site out of…….the only problem is I haven’t found a KILLER niche to get into yet. The amount of work I can put into kW research is literally endless, so up till a certain point, I’ll have to just pick one and take the leap of faith.

Resources Committed

Weekends with family visiting – the perfect combination to not having the motivation to work. After all, catching up with family is always fun and who doesn’t like fun?

Well, that is exactly what happened this past weekend….until I kind of salvaged it on Sunday night.

On Saturday morning I put in about 1 hour towards keyword research and I was out for the rest of the day and night.

For Sunday, I was out until about 5 pm, but managed to do the chores I needed and squeezed in about 3.5 hours of work in the evening/night.

What I Learned

There were actually a few things that caught my attention this past weekend. Here are the most noteworthy ones:

1) There is more than one way to monetize the projects that I’m working on. This is great news, but until I get visitors to my site (which is challenging and takes time), these sites won’t be a passive income stream for me. The good thing about these different monetization methods is that they follow a somewhat linear path. Meaning I can do method A and then B. In other words means I don’t have to pick one over the other at any given time.

2) Adsense is far from being dead. I have been made aware of a few individuals who make an awesome online income just from Adsense. This means I should head back to one of my niche sites which has Google ads on it and try to optimize it. At this point, I’d be happy if I made $1/day for this site which I haven’t touched in months.

3) Remember to take time off working. I’ve been really focused on this challenge for the past 2 weeks or so and I’ve found myself putting in a TON of hours into this and enjoying the entire process. My mindset was that I should have daily goals that I should aim to achieve as that’ll push me to move forward which has worked remarkably well. I have experienced the opposite scenario far too often in the past year. I’d be motivated, but because projects get pushed aside for other activities or outings, especially during weekends, I get COMPLACENT. I guess what’s different now is consistency. Rather than putting in three 10 hour days, I think what works better for me is putting six 5 hour days.

What Was Challenging

Aside from kW research, one of the challenges I faced was feeling unproductive when I’m not working on these projects. The fact is, everyone needs downtime, but I can’t seem to warp my brain around this idea. I’ll try to figure how I can shift my thought process whenever I’m feeling unproductive.

Goals for Tomorrow

The only goal I have for tomorrow is:

1) Pick out a niche that fits the criteria I set

Keyword research really boils down to this: picking out a profitable, non-competitive niche that has substantial amount of search volume. In other words, taking the leap of faith after spending hours looking at different keywords.

Let’s see how I do tomorrow.




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