Monopaulize Challenge – Day 16

Monopaulize Challenge: Day 16

Monopaulize Challenge - Day 16

What Time Did I Get Up

Got up super late today at about 7:45 am…

What Did I Accomplish Yesterday

My goal for the next few days were to focus on kW research for my second niche site. I had given myself a few days to do this as I won’t have much time on the weekend to spend on this.

Yesterday, I started doing some kW research based on a list put together by a buddy of mine. I also started brainstorming sessions to determine topics that would be profitable and interesting.

Resources Committed

I spent about 3 hours today doing kW research on various topics.

What I Learned

I have been thinking a lot last week about getting a “partner” to help out in content creation. As this is where most of my time is spent, I thought it’d be nice and fun to get someone on board to write about a topic that they are interested in. This allows me to make use of my time doing things that interests me more.

Don’t get me wrong, this project and challenge has so far been a great experience, but writing and researching 2 articles a day is quite stressful, especially considering I have a full-time job. A couple of my concerns is that I will need to be providing training on SEO/blogging/affiliate marketing, etc……which can actually end up taking more time.

I will be exploring this idea in greater detail in the next week or so.

What Was Challenging

I have yet to master the skill of keyword research and I often times take too much time to do keyword research. I guess the underlying theme is that goals keep me busy and being busy means I need more time in a given day. Oh, how nice it would be if I had 30 hours on a day…

Goals for Tomorrow

As it stands, my goals for the next few days (17th – 19th) are the same:

1) Do market and kW research on specific topics I can cover for the second niche site. Things I should keep in mind include:

i) making sure there’s a variation in type of product compared to site 1,

ii) keeping an eye out for potential profit,

iii) how the top 10 sites for that kW is performing and if I believe my content will outrank these and

iv) a slight variation in the layout of the website.


All for now.




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