Monopaulize Challenge – Day 15

Monopaulize Challenge: Day 15

Monopaulize Challenge Day 15

What Time Did I Get Up

Got up the same old 7 am this morning.

What Did I Accomplish The Past Week

Yesterday I set one goal for myself to accomplish today:

1) Finish up the write up on the informational article and self-create an infographic.

Well, took me awhile, but I ended up finishing writing the article which was close to 4,000 words! I also created my own infographic after spending about 2 hours on it. I think it looks great for a newbie like me!

Resources Committed

I spent about 2 hours to finish up writing up the article and another 2.5 hours at night working on the infographic. Since the article this infographic is for goes over 50 items, I had to be very careful of how I use the spaces.

What I Learned

Creating infographics are actually really fun and I quite like the process of designing one.

What Was Challenging

I think one thing that I should note in this section is how it can sometimes be challenging to stay focused on the task at hand when you’re behind on schedule. At the back of my mind, I knew that this infographic would be last piece of “content” I would be working on for my first site. This meant I had to start focusing on my second site, which I haven’t even done any research on. I felt pressured to get the second site started given that it is officially half of the month passed.

Maybe setting my goal for this month to launch 3 niche sites is somewhat unrealistic given that I also just launched Monopaulize. Either ways, I still have 16 days and let’s see what I can achieve with the remaining days in July. All I know is that I’m enjoying and learning every single bit of this process and I think this challenge that I have set for myself is actually pushing me forward which is great!

Goals for Tomorrow

I only have 1 goal for the next few days (16th – 19th):

1) Do market and kW research on specific topics I can cover for the second niche site. Things I should keep in mind include:

i) making sure there’s a variation in type of product compared to site 1,

ii) keeping an eye out for potential profit,

iii) how the top 10 sites for that kW is performing and if I believe my content will outrank these and

iv) a slight variation in the layout of the website.

I am spending a few days on this because I will be out mostly with family on Saturday and Sunday. Also I want to explore more options in picking out at niche.

I’ll probably just do very short updates in the next few days until I pick out a niche.

Wish me luck!




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